Meet Dr. Kaplan

Meet Dr. Kaplan


Dr. Kaplan became interested in chiropractic shortly after meeting his wife. She had been suffering with a constant severe migraine headache for a month. She had a long history of these headaches and had even been hospitalized as a result. A friend referred her to a chiropractor who, within a few visits, was able to remove her pain. When that chiropractor explained how he was able to help Bev, and so many others like her, by locating and correcting subluxations and removing nerve interference and all without drugs or surgery, Dr. Kaplan’s life was changed. He knew that chiropractic was the right profession for him. And Mrs. Kaplan has not had a recurrence of that severe migraine in thirty years.

Dr. Kaplan graduated from Pasadena College of Chiropractic in 1982, having completed his undergraduate work in Santa Barbara, CA. He had moved to Santa Barbara after being honorably discharged from the United States Air Force. Moving north with his wife and two children, Dr. Kaplan began practicing in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. After twenty-one years Kaplan Chiropractic moved to it’s present location in Campbell in 2004. In addition to the Campbell location, Dr. Kaplan also sees patients in a small office in the San Lorenzo Valley community of Boulder Creek, high up in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Dr. Kaplan has been a guest speaker at the Gonstead Clubs of Palmer Chiropractic College West, and Life Chiropractic College West, as well as a speaker at various seminars.

He is currently a member of International Gonstead Clinical Studies Society, Monterey Bay Gonstead Clinical Studies Society, California Chiropractic Association, and International Chiropractic Association.

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