Back Pain ?

Back Pain ?

Who are our Patients?

On any given day we will see a variety of people from all walks of life. Here are some examples:

A 25 year old woman, 6 months pregnant with low and mid back pain. She can’t and doesn’t want to take drugs, and gets great relief with chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.

A 54 year old man, carpenter by trade, with low back pain radiating down the back of his leg, known as sciatica.

A 7 year old gymnast with mid back pain after too many back bends.

The champion Judo master that trains professional MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters and needs to keep in fighting form.

The Silicon Valley high tech people that sit in front of computers for far too many hours in a day with neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and headaches.

The police officer with a workers compensation injury suffered while apprehending bad guys or the postal worker injured from repetitively lifting heavy bags.

The 94 year old woman who comes in every couple of months to get her sacroiliac joint working well enough to enjoy her twice a week ballroom dancing activity.

Because the chiropractic adjustment removes the cause of nerve interference, many conditions other than musculoskeletal problems respond to care. For instance:

The 40 year old man who gets great relief from adjustments when his irritable bowel syndrome flares up or the 35 year old man whose heartburn goes away after an adjustment.

The woman with the severe menstrual cramps that subside shortly after an adjustment.

Our patients are housewives, doctors, fireman, construction workers, airline pilots, judges, CEO’s,

aerobics instructors, martial artists, tech writers, nurses, teachers, authors, police officers, loggers,

political consultants, students, soccer players and others too numerous to name. All come seeking the pain relief and health benefits that proper chiropractic adjustments have to offer.